PIN Code
Temporayr Code
Water Proof
Smart Lockbox for Home
A small lockbox can easily solve the following problems
Super waste of time
Stand at the door for at least an hour waiting for a spare key.
Friends come early with joy, but they have to impatiently wait outside.
The spare key hidden under the foot mat is often lost.
Expensive and complicated
The smart lock is too expensive. And it may not fit my door. It's too troublesome.
Smart Lockbox for Business
If you are an apartment owner
Your tenant can only hold a valid code during the lease term.
If you are an apartment manager
Send out a one-time code to a cleaning service provider remotely, without waiting forever.
If you are a real estateagent
Getting the one-time code sent by the house owner remotely, Do not waste your time on the way.
If you are a shop-keeper
Your employees will have their own code to entre the shop, and you can have the records of the door openning.
Smart Lockbox L1
• Remote Access
• Multiple Ways to Unlock
• Safer than Safer
• Bigger than Bigger
Easy Password Management
  • Remote Access
  • You can send the code at all times and all places without internet
  • One-time Code + Temporary Code
  • One-time code automatically invalidated once the door is opened; Temporary code is used for regu-larly cleaning services
  • User 's Visit Logs
  • Check out when, who and how the door is opened
Multiple Ways to Unlock
Unlock Via App
Unlock Via Code
Safer than Safer
Water proof
Weatherproof IPX5, effectively
Made of SPCC material,which is commonly used in automotive and construction industries.
Hiding your real password in the virtual pin code.