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On April 12, Lockin Technology, a leader in finger vein smart locks, held the 2022 spring new product launch event in Beijing. Chen Bin, founder and CEO of Lockin Technology (formerly Yunding Technology) announced that Yunding Technology had officially changed its name to "Lockin Technology", and unified its three major business units of residential, rental, and overseas under the brand “Lockin” as the brand upgrade.
Eight years of fast growth, all brands are unified
Since its establishment in 2014, Lockin Technology has been focusing on the R&D and production of smart home security products and services. In the past eight years, Lockin keeps innovating and expanding its business on home security, and developed 3 major business units, Yunding for the rental market, “鹿客” for the residential market, and “Lockin” for the overseas market.
In April 2015, Yunding Technology launched the apartment smart lock, and further created the industry's first rental scenario solution that integrates software and hardware of "smart lock + water meter + access control + SaaS system". Lockin is the No.1 brand in the Chinese rental market with a 75% market share, cumulatively serving over 13.5 million tenants. On this basis, Lockin plans to expand the rental market and will release the "Lockin Public Rental Housing Intelligent Solution" in June 2022.
In March 2017, the household brand "Loock 鹿客" and smart home security products were launched. Lockin’s first smart lock "Touch" led the trend with the original "concentric invisible fingerprint" design. In 2021, Lockin’s first finger vein smart lock SV40 was released, becoming the market leader in finger vein smart locks.
In December 2019, the overseas brand “Lockin” was released and launched the first smart lock for the overseas market, at present, hundreds of thousands of smart locks have been sold.
The company changed its name to Lockin as the brand for all business units, which indicates a new chapter of the company history and shows a clearer and more comprehensive strategy for the future.
The brand upgrade helps Lockin concentrate on building one brand, which can not only expand the resources of Yunding in the rental market for many years to the residential market but also help promote residential products to the tenants. The strength combination of different business units will help Lockin gain a higher level of brand exposure and greatly improve brand awareness and influence.
Focus on Lockin, “lock in” residential security
This time, Lockin Technology not only unified the brand but also upgraded the logo, and gave a new brand connotation: the logo combined with antler and shield represents guarding the home peace. Lockin means “Lock in” security. This brand connotation expresses the original intention of Lockin- "security-oriented", also reflects the wish and mission of "protecting for love" and "helping you build the simplest and most reliable home".
In addition, the brand color of Lockin has also been upgraded from a young and vibrant orange to a more mature and stable black, with a stronger sense of intelligent and black technology, which also implies the growth and transformation of the brand.
The brand upgrade will realize the unification of the brand and the underlying core technology. At the brand level, after opening up the rental market, the residential market, and the overseas market with one brand of Lockin, consumers from different categories will have a unified understanding of the brand and comprehensively enhance the brand awareness. Regarding the underlying core technology, Lockin will also apply and share relative home security core technologies in products of different business units, focusing on AIoT, electronic lock body, and biometric technology, thereby enhancing product strength.
In the future, Lockin Technology will continue to create better products and services to make living safer and better, and become a trusted partner of worldwide users through technology innovation.
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