Your Home Connection, Secured.

Welcome to Lockin Home

Lockin Camera

Pair with Lockin hub to see what happens at your doorstep or in your garden

Lockin smart Lock

Pair with Lockin hub to control your door from anywhere

Lockin Doorbell

Know who is knocking and see everything at your doorstep

Lockin Keypad

Unlock your smart lock without a phone or a key

Lockin hub

Peace of mind keep an eye on everything at home with

Lockin sensor

including Motion sensor/ Window and door sensor/ Water Sensor/Smoke and heat sensor

  • Outdoor Camera

  • Smart Lock

  • Doorbell

  • Keypad

  • Sensor

  • Lockin Hub

One App for entire home, Control your home anywhere anytime

Monitor everything in your Home

Lockin app gives you the power to know exactly what’s going on in your home, e.g. whether you left your door open or not, who is coming and going, who is knocking at the front door...

Control Your Home When Away

Control all of Lockin smart devices with Lockin APP or your voice, e.g. unlock your door, talk to someone at your doorsteps remotely...

Keep Notified

Receive an alert whenever your smart device is activated, and keep track of every activity with a History log.

Lockin now works with your favorite smart home brands

  • Google assistant

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Home Kit

  • Smart thing


State-of-the-art hardware encryption
AWS cloud and hardware are encryptedseparately from the local computing chip, preventing hackers from intercepting.
Easy Setup
  • Easy DIY Installation

    Install your lock yourself in just a few minutes, All you need is a screwdriver.

  • 100% Wirefree

    All lockin products are wireless, without wiring troubles

Feel secure about your home, even when you're not there.